Elegant and stylish, there is a conservatory that suits your property’s style.


There is a wide range of windows to choose from to match every style of home and property perfectly.

Bi-Fold Doors

Whether it’s a beautiful garden or scenic view, sometimes more than a standard window is needed.


The Ultimate door Range combines elegance, style and security to present your home with a smart and secure front.


Since 1988 , Ultimate Windows has fitted thousands of homes around the North East with Windows, Doors and Conservatories. Our aim has always been to provide each of our customers with the the highest quality, services and reliability. Investing in your home, is major undertaking!That’s why we know how crucial it is to ensure you chose the right partner. We’ve always taken the time to ensure we work alongside our customers to ensure we’re able to create and deliver the perfect tailored solution to their needs.

Got a home improvement in mind?

See what we can offer, create new space or enhance what you have already we can help.

Having worked with thousands of homeowners just like you throughout the North East over the past 20+ years, we are well versed in helping guide homeowners through the choices need to make an informed decision.

Your decision to invest in your home is something that you will live with for year to come. Ultimate are proud to boast of 20+ years of delivering quality and satisfacton. So whether you are looking for whether it be a Middlesbrough conservatory, A set of Stockton Windows, a New Hartlepool Doors, we can help.

Why should you choose ultimate windows?

Our Guarantees are cast in stone and rightly what they should be. We pride ourselves on our reputation, and our guarantees are an intrinsic part of that.
When you choose Ultimate for your home, your safe in the knowledge your choosing a company based on performance, reputation, integrity and most of all good old fashioned values.

We have been around for over 20+ years, installing homes yarm windowsRedcar doorsDarlington Conservatories.

Save on costs, with energy efficient products?

We all know that Energy Bills seem to rise year on year.

There was a time, we paid little to no attention to this, but today saving energy is not only about saving cost, its about saving the environment too.

Here at Ultimate we have been working away behind the scenes to ensure that when you choose a UPVC WindowsConservatories or doors from Ultimate, your investment in your home will not only save you cost over its lifespan, you’ll be able to rest assured your helping protect the futures of your family.